Sean Harkin

About Me

Sean is a Multidisciplinary Designer, Maker and Researcher. He has a wide range of experience in many fields of design; including industrial design, speculative design, game design, UI and UX, graphic design, branding, marketing and foresight. Sean is also an avid maker, well experienced in prototyping and building as well as a highly accomplished CAD specialist and 3D artist.

Although initially studying industrial design during his undergrad, Sean began working with foresight and speculative design practices during his Masters Degree at OCAD University in Toronto, which led him in recent years to work as a Set Designer on a number of Science Fiction television programs.

Sean has just recently returned home to the UK and is excited to explore new opportunities for his career. With over 10 years experience across many design fields, Sean has a broad range of skills which could be adapted to many different roles.


Digital Futures



Toronto, ON, Canada



Product Design and Innovation

BSc (Hons)

University of Strathclyd

Glasgow, Scotland


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