Sean Harkin


.brawl is a cyberspace arena battle game for 1 Admin and 3-5 players, intended to be played in one session. Players compete against the System Administrator by building custom combat avatars, called Graphs, that face off against the best fighters on the net. Players can equip and change their loadouts frequently, encouraging changes in tactics, the discovery of combos and generally just doing cool shit. It is a little battle bots, a little bit hunger games,  and a little bit e-sport.


.brawl is based on the LUMEN System by Gila RPGs. It's rules lite, and designed for One Shots to pick up and play quickly.

Battle With Your Buds

Team up with your friends to build a dream team of Graphs. With 3 unique fighting styles, you'll have to work together to win.

Build Your Dream Graph

With over 56,000 different combinations of weapons, mods and powers - you can determine exactly how your Graph is going to take on the challenges thrown at you in The Arena!

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